We are a companion based Medicaid waiver company. We work with CICOA and other case management agencies to provide home and community based services to the elderly and development disabilities individuals.

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Maisha Williams
September 9, 2022

I'm not sure how these companies erase their reviews, but amiable is definitely one of them that does this! I am here to share my testimony about how ungodly they operate & the amount of undesirable extra confusion comes with this company than necessary! My 2+ month experience with them made me never want to deal with a black owned company in this town again. Matter fact my reasoning for choosing them in part was to utilize a black owned company to support, yet often it's the very reason why most don't use black owned because unfortunately it's more often than not, hazardous! Apparently Mr Anthony aka Tony owns it, & Tiffany who maybe his partner in life & business is 2nd, then Mr. Frank, & the lovely Samantha who you usually speak with first. Ok #1 most rule known is that the beast is usually only as beastly as the head, so whether he's there or not, ultimately he's @ the helm, & all fluckery falls on him! However he's usually not available leaving his "boo" to contend with issues. This young lady had the audacity to tell me after sending a young man to provide my daily care, (which includes assisting me in & out the bath);whom had a drainage bag attached to him from having two toes amputated & it hadn't been but 2weeks since his procedure. To which she referred to as a "sore on his toe" when I discussed with her them even sending him to my home with 3 flights of stairs! They lied about EVERYTHING from beginning to end, even lied to my case manager thinking or assuming I'd get in some type of trouble after I called Tiffany on their bull stuff. What human wouldn't be as pissed as I was or my helper about all their lies & Tiffany thinks she slick by her slickness, they wanted me to take several incompetent people to work with me, but lie about the hours. Lie to me & the person's working for them! Samantha & I also had some issues however I can't blame her rudeness because I'd have an attitude as well if I had to face this madness daily, however that Frank, who I grew to affectionately refer to as "Mr. Frank, I just can't," is truly a piece of work. He's got to be somebody Uncle with the amount of bull stuff he brings to the table! I'm the one with diagnosed issues, so I can't imagine what kind of drug maybe causing his insanity or just downright incompetence but you can only be sorry for so long& those apologies mean nothing! I brought my own care person in & the last thing they did was literally short them hours because they're really thieves hiding in home care costume! Do not, i repeat don't fall for this company hype, state needs to really go in & audit this foolery! I approve this review & hope it saves many from what I went through!