What is Boss Babe Network?

We’re a lifestyle brand made with the busy boss babe in mind! Whether it’s useful professional development or fun social events to network at — we encourage women to “take what they need”.

We can lead busy lives as entrepreneurs, businesswomen, moms, students, caretakers, etc. The journey can be a wild one, and there’s simply nothing like a community of women to share your triumphs and challenges with.

We were founded by Indianapolis local, Mariah Oliver. As a she was finishing up her master’s degree at IUPUI, she wanted to get more involved in the community to network and engage, but often felt like she didn’t belong in certain rooms. As a young woman who didn’t even own a pantsuit and had no previous networking experience — she had no clue where to begin.

She mustered up the courage to throw Boss Babe Brunch in July 2020 (before the actual Boss Babe Network brand was born) to allow ALL women to come as they are. The speakers did not have presentations and kept it real with the guests about their experiences. The good eats and bottomless mimosas allowed everyone to kick back, relax, and build relationships naturally.

After the event, the positive feedback was overwhelming, and in turn, showed her the NEED for something like this on a continuous basis.

Four months later, Mariah launched Boss Babe Network in November 2020. We’ve been growing as an organization by launching our BBN Membership in June 2022, allowing boss babes to stay connected all year long — and not just at one off events!

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