KUABL KOLTURE was born simply from my own personal fashion sense, which I always felt it was the perfect mix of basic, with a dab of out of the box drip, but it’s a different kind of drip that takes on its own, unique existence.  One thing about me personally is that I hate to look like everybody else, I will go out of my way to wear something crazy and silly enough that I’m 100% sure that the combination that I have on, no one else does lol.  But in that, in that style is Kolture, it’s what our KOLTURE is all about, being different.  People always ask about something I’m wearing, and it’s most times subtle accessories like socks, book bags, wristbands etc..  I honestly had no intention on making it a full blown clothing line, the original name of the company was ‘Sox n Slidez,’ all I wanted to sell were the accessories like socks, book bags, slides, etc.

There’s a special journey that this Brand is on that is being carved out as we go along, with hopes that the KOLTURE can be represented and understood in the name of love, passion, and showcasing true rawness in a space where we can continue to build, grow, and embrace the KOLTURE together. I want to thank you all for your support.

Kolture Understood is Ambition By way of Love


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