Mrs.Murry’s Naturals is a husband and wife team. We have been living the plant-based lifestyle for over six years. We don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk. Mrs. Murry has been in the culinary field since 2012, trained under eight different chefs (carnivores all but one). Mr.Bear is self-taught pastry superstar. Each week Mrs. Murry works hand-in-hand with trusted farmers and artisans to craft extraordinary, healthy plant-based meals that are delivered to your pick up location.


Mrs.Murry’s Naturals is passionate about using the very best all-natural ingredients to make sure our meals always taste fresh. We use local ingredients whenever possible, and we encourage all our friends to buy directly from your local farmers or join a CSA.

Mrs.Murry’s Naturals prepares fresh, and ready to eat plant-based meals, with gluten-free options. Our goal is to make plant-based eating delicious and not bland. Our cuisine styles range is International. Not only have we created an affordable plant-based meal plan system, which we have implement in our personal life for years. We offer a quality and convenience that is readily found. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change, give Mrs.Murry’s Naturals a try!

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