The Percussive Soundscapes Music Academy is a program created by Derrick Shannon. Derrick is well known for taking the Plainfield High School Winter Percussion program from not making state finals to winning a national championship in his first year with the program. At the PS Music Academy, we offer a wide range of lessons/classes to help foster growth in many areas for our students. Our students will take part in a recital towards the end of every semester to showcase the skills that they have learned in our classes. Some of the more advanced performers will have more performance opportunities throughout the semester. We also host clinics that anyone from anywhere can attend throughout the school year and summer as well. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to get updates on upcoming clinics.

Whether your drumming aspirations are to be a rock star, to take up a hobby, to dazzle audiences in a symphony, or to compete at the highest level, PS Music Academy offers classes tailored to you. Ranging from a child beginner to an experienced adult, our classes have highly trained teachers that will work with any skill level. No matter your age, playing ability, or experience, we are excited to find out what type of class works best for you and how you learn. With a wide variety of payment plans, and online booking, its never been easier to plunge into the world of music.

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